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Working together with us means we enable you to have the ability and strength that can help you become a leader in the industry.After 2002, our annual sales have increased by 30-50%.Thereafter, in 2016, the growth rapidly increases by more than 50%.Every year, our machinery equipment will also increase by 3-5 units.As of 2019,Zhejiang Sanle Plastic has 7 technical patents.At the moment, most of the production has been mechanized.The training and attention of managers and technical R&D personnel every year allows us to maintain a leading edge in the industry.Not to mention, our technical staff is also involved in the development of national industry standards.
  • 2019
    At present, our customers are distributed in 54 different countries around the world, mainly in Europe and the United States. Customer case:An international shampoo brand is our most trusted customer in the initial stage of our cooperation. Our cooperation begins when their market encounters challenges. As they are doing anti-hair loss shampoo, the unique formula inside the product is very easy to react with the current plastic packaging that they used, resulting in deformation of the product.
  • 2016
    Marketing department established Photography department established R&D department established Customer case: a newly established small company in the United States is seeking for a cooperation. Without any drawings and samples, we have helped the company to become the first in the packaging and sales of famous tobacco oil bottles in the United States just in two years. The market also has reached out dozens of countries. In just two years, they have earned hundreds of millions of sales. For this reason, we have also opened another new factory to ensure a stable production capacity. The output value of our two factories now reaches about 0.3 billion, which is, 3-4 times that of the previous ones.
  • 2013
    Customer Service Department established. We expand our professional customer team, to give customer best, fast sales serviceand make the whole process more efficiency.
  • 2011
    Customer case: A well-known Australian home furnishing product seller, decided to work with us for 2 to 3 orders as we provided better advice in terms of cost, delivery, service, and technology. Making the Australian customer feel valued as a customer. Therefore, they ended the cooperation with other suppliers and decided to transfer a truck mold from other suppliers to us and started our long-term cooperation. The company now has annual sales of nearly several billion.
  • 2008
    In 2008, we began to improve our technology, in order to conquer problems in this industry so that we can minimize obstacles. Customer case: A manufacturer of medical devices was unable to meet the customer's requirements. The rate of defective products is very high and thus, we decided to work together to develop an internal fitting for vacuum blood collection tubes.
  • 2007
    As our company's business grows, the demand for its manpower also increased. From then on, we deliberately separates the factory from the business unit. We decided to move the company's business department to the West Lake District of Hangzhou.
  • 2002
    The company's operating status has entered its breakeven point as our annual sales have increased by 30-50%. Since our establishment to 2002 year, we encountered a large number of Japanese buyers. By cooperating with Japanese buyers, we learned the craftsmanship of Japanese customers, which is, to treat things with perfection. Our production quality, product specification and safety control has also taken its leap just in 2 years.
  • 2000
    In 2000, it is with great enthusiasm of the plastic industry and technology, Diping Wu resigned from banking executive work and start the entrepreneurial journey. He recomposed his farther's small plastic factory and established Zhejiang Sanle Plastic Co., Ltd. Diping Wu started with the interest of the machine&mould and focused on the technology ,material development, this enable Sanle Plastic to getting lots of patent. The same year, China joined the WTO, taking advantage of this opportunity, the company also started a trading business. Sanle Plastics has became a formal enterprise integrating industry and trade.
  • 1993
    In 1993, Plastic industry was an emerging market in China. Affect by Reform and Open policy and gradually completing industrial ecological chain, the plastic industry was growing very fast. In the background of this times, Diping Wu's father built a small plastic plant (a family work shop ) located at the shore of East Sea in the south of China in Taizhou City, which will been the kingdom of plastics in China.