• Sustainable Packaging Solutions: PCR bottles and Biodegradable bottles
    Our planet needs sustainable packaging solutions, Sanle Plastics is dedicated to the development of PCR Recycled Plastic,Biodegradanle, composable, eco friendly materials for your eco-friendly and sustainable packaging needs
  • HDPE F-Style jugs Containers Are a Versatile Option for various industries
    HDPE F-Style jugs Containers Are a Versatile Option for various industries F style jugs or F-Style Containers are usually made of plastic, are very durable and heavy-weight, and are perfect for holding water, oil, chemicals, and cleaners. Their rectangular shape makes these versatile containers easy to store, stack, and carry. The built-in handle also makes it easy to pour from the F style jugs.
  • Chinese Plastic Manufacturer with Customer Involvement in Production Process completes 27 years
    Zhejiang Sanle Plastics Co. Ltd, one of the leading HPDE bottle manufacturers and manufacturers of other plastic products, recently completed 27 years of plastic business.
  • Where to buy spray bottles for COVID 19?
    A series of changes have taken place in people's life,especially the demand for products with new requirements, such as disinfection products, disinfectant water, alcohol, hand sanitizer, etc. The demand of the products is also increasing,so the demand for high-quality packaging and diversified packaging has also increased with their increase.
  • Custom Shampoo Bottles to Make Your Brand Stand Out
    Sanle plastics has been specialized in custom shampoo bottles design and manufacturing service since 1993. We had manufactured and offered plastic shampoo packaging in a variety of shapes, including items appropriate for cosmetics, hair care, body wash and lotions for clients all over the world. The shampoo bottles we manufactured various in several sizes, from small cylinder bottles to square, large round, bulk-sized items. Rich colors provide several choices for product display. Top styles ranging from caps to pivot spouts provide many dispensing options. 
  • Skincare Packaging
    10+ different types skincare packaging & Custom Your LOGO, Discover the best skincare packaging for your product, from various good material, unique shapes, perfect dispensing caps. And our expert are here to help you to custom your visioned packaging.
  • Custom Cosmetic Bottle Packaging
    The cosmetic plastic packaging industry can be said to be the fastest-changing industry. Only by introducing new packaging products can consumers be pleased. The term "custom cosmetic packaging" can not only be applied to many luxury goods industries. In the plastic packaging bottle industry, many manufacturers also used, it has become the mainstream in the industry.
  • Spray Bottle Manufacturing Service
    Find perfect spray bottles in our stock, or custom your own ppray bottles with a unique color or shape for your products. You can reply to us, a CHINA top spray bottle manufacturers.
  • HDPE Bottles Manufacturing Service
    Find a perfect HDPE bottles in our stock, or custom your own HDPE bottles with unique color or shape for your products. You can reply on us, a CHINA top HDPE plastic bottles manufacturer.
  • Industries Served
    Plastic bottles and packaging products widely used in various industries such as personal care industry, cosmetic industry, medicine industry, Home care industry, industrial chemical industry, food and beverage industry , etc.
  • Things need to know about silkscreen printing on plastic packaging
    Anchor point (means print location point)is needed on bottom to fix the bottle to print, it is a necessary condition for print ,if have it ,could print multi colors on bottle .
  • How to customize the color of my plastic bottles or plastic jar?
    Accurate colour control is critical to many projects , How to customize the color of my plastic bottles or plastic jar? Sanle Plastics will show u

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