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Are plastic products unsafe?

  • Are plastic products unsafe?
    Before involved in plastic industry, I always tried to avoid using the plastic products, My daily use of the cups were made of glass, ceramic or stainless steel, as I always felt plastic products were unsafe, after I contact sanleplastics-plastic industry,
  • Whether the plastic bottle can be recycled
    At the bottom of plastic bottles, most of them have a recycling symbol, What do these Numbers represent, and how do you use them to determine what plastics are made of and how to use them? Here is a brief explanation:
  • Supplier Of Plastic Bottles Based On China
    Many people outside China always think that China doesn't have the ability to produce good products, I have seen a question on Quora which goes “why doesn’t China have the ability to manufacture high-quality products”, this question has already been proved is worry by the answers that foreigners offered.
  • How To Choose The Right Plastic Material?
    Do you know how many types of plastic materials out there?

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