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Plastic Bottle Anatomy

  • Plastic Bottle Anatomy
    The screw-threaded part of the bottles that holds the cap or closure in place.It is usually expressed as two reference numbers such as 24-410, the first number 24 refers to the overall diameter in millimeters, and the second number 410 refers to the thread size.
  • How do spray bottles work? The Spray Bottle mechanism
    Plastic spray bottles are widely used today, you could see them almost everywhere, and I believe you must wonder how can they realize the process of spraying before, now taking a knowledge course about plastic spray bottle to learn.
  • Plastic Bottle Cap Threads Specifications and drawings
    The chart below is a series of different standard neck finish drawings, we offer these basic drawings for you and helping you to find a compatible packaging container neck finish.
  • How Can We Make Your Plastic Containers Stand Out From Others
    We Sanle Plastics dedicated to plastic containers over 20 years, we will together make your products stand out from the crowd, find your own niche in the market, now, learn to know how.
  • What's The Neck Finish of Plastic Containers?
    Each plastic container has a number at the bottom (it's an arrowhead triangle with a number inside). This sign is called the plastic recycling sign. The symbols, created in 1988 by the Society of the Plastics Industry, now known as the Plastics Industry Association, mark their containers or packages with identifying...

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