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How do spray bottles work? The spray bottle mechanism

Spray bottles are popular and versatile containers that can be used for a variety of purposes. These bottles come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, but all of them have a spray pump that allows for easy dispensing of liquids. Spray bottle packaging is an important consideration for businesses that want to ensure their products arrive safely to customers.

But have you ever wondered how they actually work? In this comprehensive guide from Sanle Plastics, you will learn all about the mechanics behind spray bottles and the different types available in the market. From the traditional spray pump to the more innovative foaming spray bottle, we cover it all.

We also delve into the importance of customization in spray bottle manufacturing and how it can benefit businesses in terms of branding and marketing. Whether you need a 2 oz spray bottle or a custom spray bottle for your unique product, Sanle Plastics has got you covered. We provide a range of services, from spray bottle packaging to wholesale options, to ensure that your product delivery is optimized and customized to your needs.

So if you want to learn more about spray bottles and how they can work for your business, check out our guide today.


The Spray Bottle mechanism

The spray bottle is made of plastic which could make artificial fog, put in a scientific way, under the atmosphere, the high-pressure system sprays the liquid out of the bottle in extremely small water particles form, so that you can see those water particles suspend, float in the air like fog, yet spray bottle isn’t meant to make artificial fog to let people enjoy. In most cases, plastic spray bottles served many places, like the ordinary family, barbershop, and other public places, they’re used widely around our life.


How does a spray bottle work?

How does a spray bottle work?

Here we’ll introduce the spray bottle pump mechanism, the anatomy, and parts of a spray bottle and spray bottle diagram. The principle of the spray bottle’s work depends on pressure differences, and how to create pressure differences is the job of the spray-bottle head, it consists of only a few parts, the plastic pipe links the bottom of the reservoir, and nozzle, the trigger would activate the piston to draw liquid from bottom to top through a plastic pipe.


Spray Bottle Parts

You can see clearly all the elements of the bottle spray pump in the infographic below, of which the trigger, small spring, and the piston compose the pump, to operate the pump, you pull the trigger back, pushing the piston into the cylinder, and the function of the spring is to pushing and pulling back the trigger, so as to constitute the entire bottle spray pump cycle.

On the other hand, don’t neglect the effect of valves, we can call this device a one-way valve, which means this setting only allows the bottle spray liquids out, to stop turning back.

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Trigger Spray Bottles Option

Trigger spray bottles are a popular option for a variety of products, including cleaning solutions, personal care items, and more. They feature a trigger mechanism that allows for easy dispensing of the liquid contents, making them a convenient option for consumers. Trigger spray bottles are available in different sizes, including 2 oz spray bottles, which are great for travel-sized products or for samples. These smaller bottles are perfect for carrying in a purse or bag and can be used for a variety of products, such as hand sanitizer, facial mists, or other personal care items. Foaming spray bottle with triggers is also a popular option for personal care products, such as facial cleansers and hand soap.  Black spray bottle with the trigger is often used for high-end personal care products, such as perfumes or hair styling products. The black color adds a sophisticated touch to the product and creates a feeling of luxury for the consumer.

Material: HDPE/PET available

Bottle Shape: Boston round, cylinder round, special round ect.. 

Surface Treatment: Screen printing, hot stamp, frosting, decal, painting
Color: Various colors available, based at Pantone

-Mini Trigger Sprayer 

Different Design with different lock systems;   24mm, and 28mm sizes available for different bottles
Different dosages for different use

-Large Dosen Tigger Sprayer

Various design for your choice;   Strong Power, make cleaning more efficiently
Wildy used in home cleaning, garden watering, and washing

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Fine Mist Spray

Mist spray bottles are a popular choice for businesses looking for a user-friendly and efficient way to deliver their products. These bottles provide a fine, even mist that is gentle on the skin, making them ideal for a variety of applications, from personal care products to household items. Mist spray bottles are also available in different sizes and colors, allowing businesses to create custom spray bottle that stand out on the shelves. With wholesale options available, businesses can order large quantities of custom mist spray bottles at a discounted rate, making it easier and more cost-effective to promote their brand.

The manufacturing principle of the mist spray bottle is to form a high-pressure system in the bottle, and the liquid in the bottle is sprayed out in the form of extremely fine water particles with a higher pressure drop. Because these sprayed water particles are very similar to the effect and form of natural fog, this kind of bottle is called a spray bottle.

As a form of using water, fine mist spray is mainly suitable for situations where water is urgently needed. For example, in a very dry environment (desert, or air-conditioned room), or during regular makeup, the makeup artist may use spray because it is not easy to apply makeup on the face or spray the spray onto the sponge to get powder.


Mist Plastic Spray Bottles:

Material : PET or PE available;  Color: Clear, white, black spray bottle or customized accept;  Volume: 10-1000ml; Labeling&Printing Sevice Support

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Utra Mist Olive Oil spray bottle

Oil Sprayer Bottle PET-448

Anatomy of a oil spray bottle

Anatomy of an oil spray bottle

Due to this simple and practical design, in addition to
pressuring water, air, and many other fluids, so do
the cooking oil. Taking our PET-448 oil spray bottle as
an example, it also consists of many components,
although those components are different from it appears,
each of them cannot be ignored in use.

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How To Use It? Spray bottle uses and functions

Instead of telling you more details in writing, I will show you in a graphic form, it’s easy to use, just as simple as fill, pump, and spray. 

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Spray bottle uses and functions

Spray bottle uses and functions

Sanle Plastics is a professional plastic spray bottle manufacturer, that has been supplying PET spray bottle, trigger spray bottles and oil spray bottles allover the world since 2000. Moreover, we also manufacture various types of closures, both dispensing or non-dispensing, droppers or pumps, etc. To know more, please contact us here.

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Custom Spray Bottles

Custom spray bottles are an excellent way for businesses to showcase their brand identity and create a unique product for their customers. These bottles can be customized with logos, designs, or other branding elements to make them stand out on store shelves or as part of a promotional campaign.

Custom spray bottles can also be used for a variety of other products, such as personal care items, cleaning solutions, or air fresheners. They can be made in different shapes, sizes, and materials to fit the specific needs of the product and brand.

Spray bottle manufacturers can work with businesses to create custom spray bottles that meet their specific requirements. They can provide design assistance, material options, and manufacturing capabilities to create a high-quality product that fits within the desired budget.

For businesses that need to order large quantities of custom spray bottles wholesale options are available. These bulk orders allow businesses to purchase the bottles at a discounted rate, making them a cost-effective option for promotional campaigns or product lines.

Spray bottle packaging is also an important consideration when creating custom bottles. Proper packaging can help prevent leaks or damage during shipping and handling, ensuring that the product arrives safely to customers.

Sanle Plastics is a trusted and experienced custom spray bottle manufacturer that offers a variety of services to businesses in need of customized spray bottles. With a focus on quality, affordability, and quick turnaround times, Sanle Plastics has become a go-to choice for businesses in various industries, including personal care, household products, and more.

One of the key services offered by Sanle Plastics is custom spray bottle manufacturing. With a range of materials, sizes, and colors available, businesses can create unique spray bottles that stand out on the shelves and help promote their brand. Sanle Plastics also offers customization options such as logo printing and embossing to further enhance brand recognition.

In addition to custom manufacturing, Sanle Plastics also provides spray bottle packaging solutions to ensure product safety during shipping and storage. From individual product packaging to bulk packaging for retail sale, Sanle Plastics has options to suit every business need.

Sanle Plastics also offers wholesale options for businesses in need of large quantities of custom spray bottles wholesale. This makes it easy and cost-effective to order customized products in bulk, helping businesses save money and time on product development. 

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