• Tell Us Your Inquiry
    As a top plastic bottle manufacturer in China, we have been delivered billion plastic bottles and containers for varies industires all over the world. You can rely on us for plastic bottles design and manufacturing, as we have a professional design team in the company to make your concept realize through to the product. Tell us the detail elements of your packaging needs such as shape, color, capacity, neck finish, weight ,material , printing, labeling ect.
  • Solution and Price
    Our engineers and experts will check and evaluate your requirements from the aspect of manufacturing possibilities and cost- effective facts, and give you the best suggestions for optimization. The most appropriate price will be given to you based on the best solution, to make sure your products have the best competition advantages on the maket.
  • Samples for Approval
    The accurate 3D drawings of plastic bottles and containers will be offered to you, the following step is mould development and sampling, with value-added printing and labeling service, finally bottle samples will be arrived in your hands, you can feel the good quality, phsical color, how the caps or closures pefectly fit, etc. If you'd like to make any adjustment to make it more perfect, feel free to let us know. Sanle is here to offer you the most satisfied services, as we are a best plastic bottle manufacturer that high rated by our clients.
  • Strict Quality Control
    We experienced in plastic design and manufacturing for near 25 years. During the whole manufacturing process, we have strict policy on quality control of raw materials, production process and inspections. We have a special department for the strict quality inspection before shipment and we also accept the third party inspection. Our skilled production team will make every pieces perfect, all our products can pass FDA, LFGB, and HACCP.
  • Delivery
    Our professional packaging for each different products will protect your goods from getting damaged during their transit. We accept various transportation such as sea shipping, air express, courier, railway ect. Our experienced service team will make sure that goods are well delivered to your hands.

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