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Spray Bottle Manufacturing Service

SANLE – One of top spray bottle manufacturers in CHINA

plastic spray bottle manufacturersAre you looking for plastic spray bottle manufacturers or pet spray bottle manufacturers? SANLE is a full-service custom spray bottles plastic packaging container manufacturer, 500ml spray bottle manufacturer and spray bottle cap manufacturer, specializing in development of plastic spray bottles, mist sprayers, trigger sprayers, pumps, customize products for chemical, personal care, cosmetic and commercial industries. SANLE offers a wide variety of spray bottle packaging options for liquid and gel products and has a wide variety of printing, labeling equipment to providing one stop brand decoration.

SANLE stand for innovative custom spray bottles plastic packaging that is processed by extrusion blow moulding and injection moulding. We offer long-standing experience and a broad product range that extends from trigger sprayers, fine mist sprayer pumps, dispenser pumps and pressure sprayers to closures.
In our printery, we are embellishing custom spray bottles, plastic bottles and other plastic components using the screen and pad printing processes.
The modern production facilities of plastic spray bottle manufacturers or pet spray bottle manufacturers allow us to meet specific packaging needs of the most demanding customers. Our innovative plastic packaging stands for the quality MADE IN CHINA. View More

How we produce the spray bottles?

Fill size for manual custom plastic spray bottles ranges from 1 oz to 64 oz, 500ml spray bottle manufacturer. These products can be packaged into a variety of construction materials including HDPE, LDPE, polypropylene, and more. SANLE purchasing team works with its customers to source compatible bottles and caps in virtually any combination of size, shape and color. Metered dosage and other specific function dispensing system options are available. Custom plastic Spray bottles can also be labeled or shrink sleeved for identification and branding purposes. Neck bands can be applied to offer end users greater confidence tamper evidence and final pack out is offered in a variety of configurations.

After the final packaging is selected, your product is enrolled into our ICH stability program to ensure product-container compatibility over the shelf life of the products. Process and packaging validations are performed on commercial lots to ensure the mixing and filling process are accurate and repeatable. Cleaning validations are executed to ensure there is no carry over in the mixing tanks or on the packaging lines.

SANLE Custom plastic spray bottles packaging services don’t end there. In-house graphic artists can help customers develop custom packaging designs, including logos, labels, boxes, and inserts. SANLE works with its own local network of printers to ensure the highest quality printed packaging materials delivered in the shortest time possible. As a professional spray bottle manufacturer, we specialize in providing high-quality spray bottles wholesale to businesses and individuals. Our spray bottles are available in a range of sizes and styles, including 8 oz spray bottles bulk, 2 oz spray bottles bulk, 4 oz spray bottles bulk, and 16 oz spray bottles bulk and more.


Spray Bottles Definition and Application

Spray bottles are lightweight dispensers actuated by hand that are designed to provide a controlled release of a liquid product, converting that into a stream, jet, or mist of varying spray volumes as needed for specific applications. There are many different sizes and types of spray bottles wholesale, and just as many uses for them.

the most common types of spray bottles are trigger sprayers and finger sprayers from spray bottle cap manufacturers. Trigger sprayers typically have an adjustable nozzle on them which can be used to vary the fineness and volume of product sprayed. Finger sprayers use an up-and-down pumping motion on the spray actuator to release product and are typically for finer mist applications.

Spray bottles are comprised of two principal components – the bottle itself which contains the liquid, and the sprayer which responds to the action of the user’s fingers and produces the spray by simple pumping action. Bottles are usually made of a polymer material such as Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE), High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), or similar polyolefins and polyesters. Custom Plastic Spray Bottles are available in an assortment of sizes, styles, neck finishes, resins, and colors. The Sprayer Bottles are intended for a wide variety of products and applications suited for retail or institutional environments. This style of bottle is ideal for household detergents and cleaners, automotive care, chemical, and industrial applications. These bottles are designed for an ergonomic fit when dispensing the product in spray / stream and foamer method.



Custom Plastic Spray bottles examples

We understand the importance of providing customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. That’s why we offer a range of customization options, including custom colors, logos, and labeling. Our team of experienced designers and engineers work closely with our clients to create customized solutions that meet their specific needs.Custom spray bottles are a versatile solution for your business needs. Whether you need mist spray bottles, foam spray bottles, or spray bottles in bulk, custom spray bottles can be tailored to meet your specific needs. They are not only practical but can also be used as promotional item to promote your brand. So, why not consider custom spray bottles for your business needs today? 

According to material: glass, aluminum, and custom plastic spray bottles. Usually ,plastic bottles are an economical option:including  HDPE, LDPE, polypropylene and shatterproof PET plastic spray bottles,fill size for manual spray bottles ranges from 1 oz to 32 oz. Custom Plastic Spray bottles come in a variety of colors to meet your packaging needs. Could do bottles and caps in virtually any combination of size, shape and color. 

Available capacities of fine mist and trigger spray bottles range from less than 0.5 ounces up to 36 ounces, and 500ml spray bottle manufacturer. There are also options that include continuous thread caps. We can compatable our spray bottles with multiple sprayers from reliable spray bottle cap manufacturer.

Custom plastic spray bottles including trigger spray bottles, RTU (ready to use) spray bottles, pistol grip spray bottles for sale and more for any product that requires spraying as a dispensing method. Spray bottles vary in shape and size depending on application needs. Some plastic bottles feature ergonomic finger grips for comfort during dispensing while others offer a rectangular base for economic shipping and storage. Common industrial applications include: cleaning products, gardening chemicals, commercial products and more.

In conclustion, as a professional spray bottle manufacturer, we are committed to providing high-quality spray bottles wholesale at competitive prices. We offer a wide range of sizes and styles, including 8 oz spray bottles bulk, 2 oz spray bottles bulk, 4 oz spray bottles bulk, and 16 oz spray bottles bulk. We also offer fine mist spray bottle wholesale options and customization services to meet the unique needs of our clients. With our focus on quality, durability, and customization, we are confident that we can provide the perfect spray bottle solution for your business or personal needs.

Household spray bottles wholesale

plastic trigger spray manufacturers

This is a great all-purpose sprayer bottle in an ample 32-ounce (1-quart) size, which is very popular size in 500ml spray bottle manufacturer. Sprayer works with no O-ring to wear out. Translucent plastic allows viewing of content level. Can be used to apply insecticides, herbicides, disinfectants, cleaning products, and most veterinary products with ease. (Do not use for multiple purposes without thorough cleaning between uses.) Great for many farm, ranch, and household tasks. Eye-catching black equine design, also available in other colors. View More 


Standard trigger sprayer custom spray bottles

spray bottle manufacturers

The sprayer has an adjustable nozzle, extra large spray pattern, fits standard 24-32 ounce bottles, 9” dip tube, 1.4 mils per stroke and its ergonomic design ensures comfort when using it. The triggers are sold separately or one may get 200 per case on order. View More plastic spray bottle manufacturers or pet spray bottle manufacturers. 

High output trigger sprayer custom spray bottles

trigger spray manufacturer

This sprayer is preferred for heavy duty tasks because it sprays 3.5 ml per stroke; this gives 100 % more output than the standard stroke. It has a unique internal piston that is designed to resist the harsh chemicals that may corrode it; it is therefore, more durable than the standard trigger sprayer. The sprayer has a comfort grip that ensures comfortability when used for a long time; this is unlike other trigger prayers that cause fatigue when used for long hours. This trigger sprayer works well with most common chemicals so they are suitable for use by various companies. Got it from plastic spray bottle manufacturers.


Chemical resistant trigger sprayer custom spray bottles

plastic trigger spray manufacturers

This sprayer is preferred by most companies because of its high resistance; it can withstand harsh chemicals and solvents that other trigger sprayers cannot. The sprayers are made up of chemical resistant polymers; the piston cup and the O-ring can also withstand harsh chemicals such as the D-limonene. Find professinal plastic spray bottle manufacturers or pet spray bottle manufacturers. When it comes to spray bottle wholesale, we understand the importance of providing the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.  The trigger sprayer bottles comes in various sizes including popular sizes such as including 8 oz spray bottles bulk, 2 oz spray bottles bulk, 4 oz spray bottles bulk, and 16 oz spray bottles bulk. Finding spray bottles wholesale is a wise move for businesses and individuals alike. Whether you require 8 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz, or 16 oz spray bottles in bulk, investing in a wholesale purchase can save you money and ensure a steady supply.

The foaming trigger sprayer custom spray bottles

trigger spray manufacturer

Spray bottles are a common household item that can be used for a variety of purposes. They come in different shapes and sizes, and can be filled with different liquids and solutions. One type of spray bottle that has gained popularity in recent years is the spray bottle foam. This is a unique sprayer that produces large volumes of clinging form; it is a heavy-duty sprayer that can hold up against the most demanding applications. It has a considerably high output that is ideal for large foaming requirements. It is the perfect choice for acid based cleaners and reduces the chemical fuming.

Spray bottle foam is a type of foam that is dispensed from a spray bottle. It is commonly used for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, as well as for personal care products such as shaving cream and hair styling products. The foam is created by mixing the liquid solution with air, which creates a thick and rich foam that is easy to apply and stays in place.

If you are looking to purchase spray bottles bulk, there are many options available. Many suppliers offer custom spray bottles that can be personalized with your company logo or branding. This is a great way to promote your business and create a consistent image across all of your products.

When purchasing spray bottle foam, it is important to consider the type of solution you will be using. Some solutions may not work well with foam dispensers, so it is important to test the product before purchasing spray bottles bulk. Additionally, it is important to consider the size and shape of the spray bottle, as well as the amount of foam it will dispense with each pump.

Clean plastic spray bottles

fine mist spray bottles manufacturer

These sprayers are made from the high density polythene; the bottles are, therefore, biodegradable. They have a capacity of either 24 or 32 ounces; however, the bottles and triggers are sold separately. When consider fine mist spray bottle wholesale, it comes in various sizes including popular sizes such as including 8 oz spray bottles bulk, 2 oz spray bottles bulk, 4 oz spray bottles bulk, and 16 oz spray bottles bulk. Finding spray bottles wholesale is a wise move for businesses and individuals alike.   Our 8 oz spray bottles are perfect for various applications, such as cleaning solutions, beauty products, household use, and more. They come with a reliable sprayer that delivers a fine mist for controlled dispensing. The 2 oz spray bottles are ideal for travel-sized products, hand sanitizers, perfumes, and other personal care items. They are compact, portable, and easy to carry in purses or pockets. Our 4 oz spray bottles are versatile and commonly used for hair care products, cleaning solutions, DIY projects, and more. They provide a convenient way to dispense liquids with their precise fine mist sprayers. The 16 oz spray bottles are larger-sized bottles suitable for industrial or commercial use. They are commonly used for cleaning agents, gardening solutions, automotive products, and other applications requiring a larger capacity.

Fine Mist and Trigger Spray Bottles

 trigger spray manufacturer

 Fine mist spray bottles are ideal for a wide range of applications, including personal care products, cleaning solutions, and more. Our fine mist spray bottles are designed to provide an even and consistent spray, ensuring that your products are applied evenly and effectively. Mist spray bottle is an essential tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is a convenient and easy-to-use bottle that can be filled with water or any other liquid and sprayed onto surfaces. Refillable spray bottles have a variety of uses. Achieve a fine, splatter-free mist with fine mist spray bottles. Some uses include personal care products such as perfumes and hair products. Trigger spray bottles dispense liquids by squirting, misting, or spraying. These bottles can hold cleaning products, air fresheners, chemicals, and cosmetics. Plastic spray bottle manufacturers or pet spray bottle manufacturers will need the fine mist sprayers, trigger sprayers and more. 

If you are looking for a mist spray bottle, you can find them in a variety of designs and sizes. You can buy spray bottles bulk for your business or custom spray bottles for your personal use.
One of the main advantages of a mist spray bottle is that it helps to conserve water.
Another advantage of a mist spray bottle is that it can be used to refresh your face on a hot day. Simply fill the bottle with water and spray your face to cool down. You can also add essential oils or other fragrances to the water to create a refreshing mist.
Mist spray bottles are also useful for cleaning. You can fill the bottle with a cleaning solution and use it to clean surfaces such as countertops, mirrors, and windows. The fine mist ensures that the cleaning solution is evenly distributed, making it easier to clean.

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Continuous Spray Bottle Empty Plastic Water Mist Sprayer

As one of professional pet spray bottle manufacturers, we can custom prival mould  Great Small Mist Atomizer for Styling, Cleaning, Salons, Face, Scents, & Skin Care, Ultra Fine Water Mister. Mist spray bottles are an essential tool for your daily needs. They are versatile, easy to use, and can be used for a variety of applications. Whether you need to water your plants, refresh your face, or clean surfaces, a mist spray bottle is a convenient and efficient tool to have. 

bottle bulk

Spray Bottle Packaging Design from plastic spray bottle manufacturers

Spray bottles can also be labeled or shrink sleeved for identification and branding purposes.

Printing and labeling services of plastic spray bottle manufacturers or pet spray bottle manufacturers include the following:

Silk Screen print 

Hot Stamping

Shrink Flim

Heat transfer 

pad printing


Spray bottle packaging services including  help customers develop custom packaging designs, including logos, labels, boxes, and inserts.

Custom packaging is designed and manufactured specifically for one particular product. We help customers to develop their own custom packaging solutions, which include personalized decorating ,progress as below:

  • first ,send us your idea 
  • second,we will find some sample for reference and talke with you to confirm details
  • third,we will offer drawing for approve by your side 
  • forth,start mould production 
  • fifth,we have our own design department and mould department ,could make your idea into real 

We organization involved in manufacturing and supplying of PET Plastic Spray Bottles that are assembled using the premium quality components. We use the high quality plastic that is strictly procured from the certified vendors in the industry, which enhances the strength and durability

To manufacture such high quality product, we have technologically advanced injection molding and blow molding machines. A team of qualified engineers, skilled and semi-skilled workers and other personnel work together in the manufacturing unit to produce high-grade plastic bottles. Every product undergoes strict quality measures to ensure conformance to the international quality standards. On-time deliveries and customization of our products to suit customer requirements are crucial to us. These two aspects help us with proceeding with an aim to maximize customer satisfaction.

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