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Custom Plastic Box, Pill box and Storage Packaging box

Zhejiang Sanle Plastic Industry Co., Ltd, located in Lupu Industrial Zone, Yuhuan, Taizhou, the Kingdom of Plastics, is one of a professional custom plastic boxes manufacturers and processor specializing in custom-made plastic products, eco friendly packaging solutions, with professional staff and complete equipment. We have a professional plastic design and mold design team to provide you with custom made plastic boxes product customization services, we have advanced and precise production equipment to ensure that you will finally get high-quality and satisfactory plastic products.

Now Let’s see some custom plastic box examples which we made for our customers.


Custom Plastic Boxes for Promotional Pill Boxes

The custom made plastic box usage of a pill box is to store medicine, tablets, pills, capsules, and vitamin tablets, easy to carry, is the essential medicine box for daily life travel
Material: medical grade PP material (polypropylene)
Features: different design, lightweight and beautiful easy to carry can be separated to hold small trinkets, small parts, fall resistance, impact resistance.


  • 1. Three compartments portable plastic mini multifunctional pill box 

  yellow pill case with capsules pill case

Three-compartment PP plastic medicine box process_Technology comprehensive analysis.
3 compartment pill box, whether you are traveling or home life this is your good helper, this pill box is most suitable for travel use, can be lightly large doses of pills can be stored separately, with a small size, easy to carry, the product color can be customized and silk printing support. 
Instructions for use:

1. as a pill box use can be placed in each small grid each day to eat the medicine; more suitable for travel out to carry.
2. storage of other small items, and accessories, such as earrings, earrings, bracelets, etc.
3. storage of small office items, such as ring pins, large head pins, pins, etc.
4. storage of small hardware items: such as screws, nuts, snap rings, etc.
5. storage of digital small items: such as all kinds of digital cameras or cameras flash memory cards, memory cards, etc.



  • 2. 7Days Weekly Pill Box

7 days pill box PILL BOX PILL BOXES Pill boxes

Weekly Pill Organizer, Pill Box 7 Day helps you plan your 7-day medication accurately. With this good helper, you don’t have
to worry about your parents taking the wrong medicine. We can make different types of custom 7 days pill box for you.
Easy to carry of the custom plastic boxes: Our pill box lids close tightly all the time, and will never pop open, and dump pills out in your purse. You can take
the pill tray in your purse when going out if you go to school, work, or travel.
Safety Material: The pill case is made of food-grade PP material, It is a BPA-free pill box and pill organizer.
LigthProof: Better keep your medicine from prying eyes and direct sunlight, protect your medication privacy and
effectiveness of drugs
Custom Serice from custom plastic box manufacturers : custom color private labeling, logo printing support


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Empty Storage Box Nail Art Tool  Crafts Clippers Pen Jewelry Organizer Container

nail storage casesnail storage cases

Empty Custom Plastic boxes for storage box case Nail art false tips gems crafts makeup jewelry
Material: PP.
– Made of high-quality PP material, durable, mold-proof, dustproof, and secure.
– Nail art storage box, simple and practical. Can meet various needs.
– Lightweight and compact, convenient and easy to carry. Stylish transparent design, easy to find what you want.
It- Perfect to store small articles such as beads, earrings, nail art accessories, and even pills, candies, etc
-Custom service support by custom plastic box manufacturers


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Custom Plastic Box for Air Freshener Containers


We can also custom plastic boxes for industrial use such as custom empty hotel lobby room air fresheners, and moisture, and condensation trap containers as per customer requirements. Our mold is high accuracy, we are specialized in comprehensive packaging containers.


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SD Card Holder Micro sd Card Storage Case

 memery card box Micro sd Card Storage Case

Made from lightweight and durable plastic, anti-lost & keep dry, convenient to store and carry. Very sturdy construction and protect the things inside not to be damaged.
Prevent loss, None with sharp edges, stay-put latch is simple to use. The locked switch prevents
The SD Card Holder can save separately, if you want to use one or a few, you don’t have to carry a full package of cards.


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Eco-Friendly Packaging Biodegradable Custom Plastic Box


Sanle Plastics is taking a lead in China in the research and development of eco-friendly or biodegradable green package containers.

By cooperating with local universities, American laboratories, SGS ect., Sanle Plastics has trialed different biodegradable materials for manufacturing bottles, jars, boxes, lids, etc. We support custom biodegradable custom plastic boxes, or  PCR recycled containers, which are cost-effective. Learn More


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Steps of custom plastic box

1. Product information: Needless to say, there are not many people who have an idea of the custom plastic boxes at first, but not many have a clear concept, so we can make a consultation first, or visit the custom plastic box manufacturers  to have a general idea of the custom plastic box.

2. Customer needs: First of all, we must clarify our own needs (the size, structure, shape, material requirements of the custom made plastic boxes, etc., and provide editable size drawings in PSD, AI, and CDR formats).

3. Cooperation negotiation: Both parties quote according to the existing demand, determine the final price, and sign the contract.

4. Custom plastic box mold and Product proofing: According to the material and structure of the product, select the mold making with the applicable process.

The mold of custom plastic box is usually steel mold, and the final plate and production cycle is generally 20 to 30 days, depending on the complexity of the process.

5. Sample confirmation: The processing techniques of custom made plasticboxes are commonly used in blow molding, injection molding, and extrusion molding.

After the custom made plastic box mold is formed, the machine can be turned on to test the production sample, and the sample will be mailed to the customer for confirmation, and the parts that do not meet the standard will be modified (repairing the mold) twice, and the above process will be repeated. If the confirmation is correct, mass production can be carried out.

6. Mass production: Mass production is carried out according to the production cycle stipulated in the contract.

7. Product inspection: The custom plastic box manufacturers will conduct quality inspection or random inspection according to the corresponding national standards and requirements for products.

8. Delivery out of the warehouse: everything is ready, waiting for receiptof the custom made plastic boxes.



We can make plastic boxes in various shapes, sizes, and designs: square, rectangular, transparent or translucent, colored, etc., for almost every promotional and sales packaging or special eco-friendly packaging task. If our standard range doesn’t offer what you need? No problem! Then we’ll create a custom plastic box, especially for you – Contact Us now!


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