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HDPE Bottles Manufacturing Service

Sanle plastics – One of China top HDPE bottle manufacturersSanle plastics - One of China top HDPE bottle manufacturers

As an HDPE plastic bottles manufacturer, we can say that HDPE plastic is one of the most common plastics used in manufacturing, it’s more impact resistant, more economical. weather-resistant, mold and bacteria resistant ,it has a greater barrier against moisture and it provides a safer barrier against chemicals. The HDPE bottles and containers are light and therefore cheaper to transport. They are recycled with greater ease. While not as clear as PET, plastic, Natural color of HDPE bottles and containers can be semi-transparent so that you are still able to see your product

inside it. HDPE bottles are also lightweight and food-and-beverage safe. 


Sanle plastics, one of China top HDPE bottle manufacturers, is able to provide the custom HDPE bottle manufacturing service start from design to manufacturing to labelling. You can reply to us get your own bottle and container packaging with your unique color and brand logo.

The advantages of the material HDPE

HDPE – High Density Polyethylene, is a thermoplastic polyolefin produced by ethylene copolymerization. HDPE material was introduced in 1956, and as technology developed, the plastic gradually matured, developing new uses and markets.


Acid and alkali resistance, organic solvent resistance, excellent electrical insulation, low temperature, still can maintain a certain toughness. The surface hardness, tensile strength, rigidity and other mechanical strength are higher than LDPE, close to PP, tougher than PP, but the surface finish is not as good as PP. Surface hardness is low, easy to scratch. Difficult to print, printing, need to carry on the surface discharge treatment, can not electroplate, the surface is dull.


The direction of plastics development can be summarized in two aspects. One is to improve the performance, that is, by various methods to modify the existing varieties, so that its comprehensive performance is improved. Second, the development of functions, namely the development of polymer materials with optical, electrical, magnetic and other physical functions, so that plastics can have photoelectric effect, thermoelectric effect, piezoelectric effect, etc.


The application of the HDPE Bottles and Containers

HDPE bottles manufactured by sanle - A hdpe plastic bottles manufacturer

HDPE bottles manufactured by sanle – A hdpe plastic bottles manufacturer

As a professional HDPE plastic bottles manufacturer, we’ve been providing millions of the high-quality HDPE bottles all over the world for various industries such as beverage and food industries, chemical industries, cosmetic industries, personal care industries and pharmaceutical industries. etc. 


For beverage and food industries, our clients get their own branded HDPE bottles for liquid such as some yoghurt or milk, also for some powder things like protein powder. As for Chemical industries, HDPE bottles we delivered are generally applied in holding detergent, cleaner, gasoline, Lubricating oil, glue, caulking agent etc. Besides, for personal care industries, our customers generally use their HDPE bottles and containers for holding shampoo, conditioner, bath products, moisturizing products etc. As for Pharmaceutical Industries, HDPE bottles and containers we produced are generally used for cholding capsule, Solid pill, powder etc.

The caps for HDPE bottles

Caps for HDPE bottles and containers

Caps for HDPE bottles and containers

We are not only an HDPE plastic bottles manufacturer, we are also one of the most professional HDPE bottle caps manufacturers. We can produce a variety of cover, such as a screw cap, flip cap, disc cap, spray cap, lotion pump, foam pump and so on. Logo can be printed on the cap, you can put labels, electroplating, grinding, to meet your needs, customized different display effect. The plastic cap is a commonly used packaging form of bottles, cans and barrels, especially in the fields of beverages, chemical industry and medicine. According to its users, it can be divided into the breathable plastic cap and breathable plastic cap.


The features of cap


  1. The top of the inner wall of the general plastic cover is provided with a ring leakproof ring. There is also ordinary plastic bucket cover is to cooperate with the inner cover, there is no need to design leakage ring.
  2. The lower end of the plastic cover is connected with an anti-theft ring by a tensile reinforcing bar.
  3. At the same time, the inner wall of the anti-theft ring is evenly distributed with a number of slab-like gyratory tension wings.

Through this design of the plastic bucket cover has a firm sealing, leakage and anti-theft performance, safe and convenient use, can effectively prevent the liquid container from external pollution, can ensure that all kinds of liquid product packaging in line with the national safety standards and other characteristics.

HDPE bottles are the wide variety of closure types available –flip-top cap,child-resistant cap, flip spout cap, lock-down lotion pump, spouted cap, spray pump, trigger spray and ribbed screw cap, among others. When a match with a different cap the function of this bottle will be different.


HDPE plastic bottles Manufacturing Service


Zhejiang Sanle Plastic Co., Ltd is an HDPE plastic bottles manufacturer, we’ve been specialized in design and manufacturing plastic bottle, plastic jar,plastic box and bottle caps since 2003, especially for HDPE bottles and caps. 


HDPE plastic bottles mainly used for beverage, food, pickles, honey, dried fruit, edible oil, agricultural and veterinary drugs and other liquid or solid disposable plastic packaging containers. Plastic bottles are not easy to break, low cost, high transparency, food-grade raw materials and so on.


If you are looking for HDPE bottles, we have hundreds of finished products in stock, ranging from 5ml to 5L, in all shapes and styles. In addition, if you need to customize the color, print logo, label, shrink wrap, do different bottle effects or the unique style, we can customize for you, or we can open the mold to meet your needs.


1.When the plastic bottle surface is labelled, the surface of the label should be smooth. A “frame” can be designed on the surface of the plastic bottle so that the label is accurately positioned and does not move. In blow molding, the first contact parts of the billet blowing, always tend to the first hardening parts. So the wall thickness of this area is larger. The edge and corner parts are the final contact parts of the billet blowing, and the wall thickness of these parts is small. Therefore, the edges and corners of plastic bottles should be rounded. The stiffness and bending resistance of plastic bottles can be improved by changing the surface shape of plastic bottles, such as the middle of the plastic bottle are relatively thin, and increasing the circumferential groove or convex rib on the surface of the plastic bottle. Longitudinal grooves or stiffening bars can eliminate the phenomenon of deviation, sag or deformation of plastic bottles under long-term load.


2.The printing surface of plastic bottles is the most focused part of consumers’ attention. The printing surface should be smooth and continuous. If the plastic bottle contains handles, grooves, stiffeners and other structures, the design should be careful not to inconvenience the printing operation. Oval plastic bottle, stiffness is higher, but the manufacturing cost of the mold is higher. Therefore, in order to ensure the stiffness of plastic bottles, in addition to choosing materials with high stiffness, it is necessary to enhance the stiffness and load-resistant strength of plastic bottles through the shape design of plastic bottles.


3.Because most plastics are sensitive to concave, plastic bottles are prone to crack and cracking at sharp corners, the root of the thread of the mouth, the neck and other parts, so these parts should be designed into rounded corners. For the rectangular plastic bottle, the transfer needs to support most of the load of the plastic bottle, so the local increase in the wall thickness of the place, but also conducive to improve the plastic bottle stiffness and load strength.



How to produce HDPE Bottles


We are a professional HDPE plastic bottles manufacture and generally use the following two methods to produce HDPE bottles. 



 “Extrusion – Blowing”, also known as hollow extrusion blow molding.Extruder continuously extrudes the hollow tube, with scissors (artificial) or cutting device (automatic) cut into small sections and then moved to the extrusion blowing mold blowing into the mold.


One-step injection-blowmoulding


“Injection and blow molding” are completed on the same machine. Different types of machines are divided into three stations and two stations “injection – blowing”.The three stations of the “injection-blowing” bottle making machine are distributed in an equilateral triangle with an Angle of 120°. The first station is the injection molding station, the second station is the blow molding station, and the third station is the bottle taking off station. Three workstations can run at the same time, high production efficiency, short cycle, and can be connected with the conveyor belt automatic counting packaging, truly realize the whole process of plastic bottle production and hand “no contact”, to ensure product hygiene and cleanliness.


How to customize HDPE bottles


Today the market is competitive and having the right container or bottle can make an impact in a buyer’s choice. The design, shape, size or how well it fits on a shelf can make a huge difference in cost and customers’ appeal. We are producing custom HDPE product designs for you to stand out your brand.


Custom color


We have Pantone color book which includes thousands of colors. And there will be a Pantone number for each color. The number is International general. So it is suitable for people all around the world. All the color in this book we can produce for you.


Labelled with Your Brand 

Screen printing on hdpe bottle

Screen printing on hdpe bottle

Have your logo on this bottle make your bottle different from others. The printing method we use most often. screenprint, heat transfer, labelling

screenprint: Which use for simple logo design and logo color for 2-3 color . For this method, One color  printing is used the most often


heat transfer: Which use for Complex logo pattern, including gradient, more than 4 colors . But the cost Relatively high and MOQ request is also high.


labelling: Which use for Complex logo pattern, including gradient, more than 4 colors. The cost Relatively low and don’t have big MOQ


Custom shape design and size

Our company work in this filed for more than 25 years. We have mold and design department can produce the product according to your request.

If you have a product drawing we can help to turn it into a mold

If you have a sample we can we can help to turn it into a mold

If you only have an idea. Our design will help you to turn it into a drawing then turn it into a mold. Contact with our experts now!