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Chinese Plastic Manufacturer with Customer Involvement in Production Process completes 27 years

Hangzhou, China—25/06/2021—Zhejiang Sanle Plastics Co. Ltd, one of the leading HPDE bottle manufacturers and manufacturers of other plastic products, recently completed 27 years of plastic business. Established in 1993, Sanle Plastics has become a leader in the plastic industry in China and has now collaborated with companies worldwide, including Nestle, Abbott, Quiznos, and others. The company’s commitment to quality control and ensuring that only the best quality products are provided for its customers has brought it to the top of the plastics game. However, what makes Sanle stand out from other plastic bottle manufacturers is the involvement of customers in their production process.


Sanle Plastics houses excellent in-house designing, R&D, and testing, which provides customization for function, styling, and coloring. The company works parallel with its clients to conduct market surveys and sampling to determine whether the end-user get what they want. These company initiated surveys allow them to provide the best prices and quotes for the customers at the earliest.

Sanle Plastics follows a five-step ODM process to provide customers with the plastic products they want. Most importantly, the entire process sees the participation of the customers. With the experience of selling plastic products across the globe, customers only have to provide the specifics of the plastic product needed like the shape, capacity, neck finish, color, material, printing, labeling, and others. 


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The company’s R&D team will work on the product’s design based on the customer’s inputs. Sanle, as one of the top plastic bottle manufacturers in china, dispatches the design or even a 3D prototype created within a week of receiving the order to the customer to know what their product will look like before proceeding further. Once the customer confirms the product’s design, the workers at Sanle get to work with the mold, which will have the touch of 25 years of experience. The customer can test the samples provided by the company, and appropriate customer feedback can be provided. The company will upgrade the sample mold according to inputs from the customer feedback. 

The production team at Salna Plastics ensures strict quality control over its products during all stages of manufacture, including molding till labelling. The quality of the products is double-checked before dispatch by the team in charge of shipment. The company also allows the customers to check the final products or even bring a third party to inspect the products. The company accepts the transportation of products through rail, sea, road, and air, and the quality team at Sanle ensures that the products are in the best condition when delivered. 

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The color matching project at Sanle Plastics is a treat in itself. The company provides various ways for customers to choose the color combination for their product. Customers could choose a Pantone color that can be directly produced by the company or a Pantone color that matches the sample color required by the customer. Customers can also choose a Pantone color that corresponds with the product’s design. Nevertheless, Sanle Plastics will ensure that the customer gets the color combination they want. The company works with plastics like PET and PETG with color batch and with plastics like HDPE and LDPE with natural colors. Sanle Plastics realizes that having the right color combination will allow its customers to stand out. It allows customers to easily identify with the products.


Sanle Plastics, a worldwide plastic bottle manufacturer,  provides customers with custom molds to work with. Blow Molds are used for hollow plastic containers like plastic bottles and cosmetic bottles, and injection molds are used in producing thermoplastic products. Sanle Plastics offers customers the chance to help them design the molds that the company does not have already. With its professional design team and a custom molding service, customers can bring their mold to life. 

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