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Skincare Packaging

skincare packaging


The skin care products are essential daily consumables, This has also led to the development of the skincare packaging industry . Plastic products are one of the most commonly used packaging for skin care products.


As one of the custom skincare packaging expert, we are experts when it comes to making our customer’s artwork stand out on shelves. Silk-Screen printing, hot stamping, spray coating, frosting, shrink sleeve labeling and pressure-sensitive labeling are all services we that proudly offer to skincare packaging companies and start-ups. Our design team can help you establish your brand aesthetic.

Send us your skincare packaging design or concept, we will provide the complete representation of your artwork on the chosen skincare package’s dead line.



skincare packaging supplies

Skincare Packaging Containers

Most common containers from skincare packaging suppliers are bottles and jars , bottles are suitable for relatively thin products and the jars suitable for solid and frosty products.In addition, the bottle can be fitted with different caps to hold different types of products, like Foundation pump, emulsion pump, powder pump, finger spray, mist spray, disc cap, nozzle tip, screw cap and so on.

Our skincare packaging made with high-quality materials and manufacturing techniques .Such as PP , PS ,Acrylic ,PET etc. In the beauty industries, skincare packaging jars are as important as the product itself. The look and feel must reflect the high-quality product inside, protect it from contamination, heat, and UV rays, and be easy to handle, and in some cases, portable. View More

Now let’s talk about more details about our jars and how to choose the right solution for your product.



Skincare Bottles

Lotion Squeeze Bottles

Lotion Squeeze Bottles for Skincare Packaging

Squeezable plastic bottles are a popular choice for mass and prestige skincare brands, and their use is on the rise due to its distinctive characteristics. For instance, it has a shape with round shoulders and a round base. 

And common lotion squeeze bottles are in PE,PP,PET material, especially in LDPE, which is soft and Easy to squeeze.

Lotion Squeeze Bottles

As our JF-067(30ml) , JF-077(60ml), JF-107(120ml), bottle in LDPE material, it can be used in any skincare packaging as Liquid foundation, essence lotion,sun block, makeup removing lotion,etc. View More




Skincare Lotion Pump Bottles

As our YFA-248(240ml),  lotion pump bottles in HDPE material, the skincare lotion pump bottles can be used in any skincare packaging as body lotion, essence lotion,etc. Skincare Lotion Pump Bottles


Small Spray Bottles

As our PET-WG Series(30ml-1000ml),  SL-PET-4(60ml), SL-PET-5(300ML), small spray bottles in PET material, it can be made in clear color, spray bottles can be used in any skincare packaging as liquid face wash, face toner,smoothing toner,essence,cleansing lotion,etc.

small spray bottles



Pump bottles for Shampoo

pump bottles for shampoo



Airless Pump Bottles

Airless pump bottles have typically been the most popular option for skincare packaging over the years.Airless packaging means a higher perceived value —and meets a growing consumer desire for products that use less chemical preservatives.

Pumps with a locking mechanism, such as HCT Group’s Twist Zoom, is often requested. “This pump is highly sought after, as customers live a more mobile lifestyle and appreciate spill-free, mess-free packaging.


Airless pump bottles for skincare packaging



Skincare Packaging Closures

For different skincare packaging, have different closures for skincare packaging bottles. In addition to the ordinary screw cap, other have plastic sprayer for liquid as toner, Ordinary plastic flip top cap & Plastic cream/ lotion / foam pump & plastic disc top press top cap for lotion as body lotion.skincare packaging closures


Skincare Jars

We offer a broad range of specialty skincare packaging options for skin care supplements such as oils, creams, fragrances, balms, lotions, foams, and more. The variety of skincare jars and different caps are sure to suit a range of style and packaging needs.

 Wide Mouth Lotion Jars

Wide mouth jar blowing as GFA-537&GFA-538, big jar as capacity in 900ml &1200ml for packing as body lotion. This type of jar is usually made from PP or HDPE material.

wide mouth lotion jars for skincare packaging


Mini Sample Jars

This type of jar is usually made from PS,PP,ABS,AS,PMMA material, and common in the skincare packaging as pasty fluid , usual capacity in 3ml -1200ml.

As GFA-502(5ml) for sample sack which in PS material, and GFA-524(250ml) in PP material.Mini samples jars



Other Jars for Skincare Packaging

Special jars for skincare packaging Special jars for skincare packaging



Custom Skincare packaging

The bottles can be assembled in a variety of designs ,the easiest way is to customize the color to match your brand .

It can also be printed or hot print or label or shrink the film on bottles.  If you want to go a little more upscale you can also do a matte finish or soft touch finish or a plating finish. We can customize the skincare packaging for you.


Color customization

skincare packaging designAny color which you want we can do for you, including the normal color in Pantone card, Special effect color such as jar in sandblasting which has a scrub effect in the surface as frost, cap in plating.


Pantone Matching System (PMS)

A Popular Color Matching System Used By The Printing Industry To Print Spot Colors. Most Applications That Support Color Printing Allow You To Specify Colors By Indicating The Pantone Name Or Number. This Assures That You Get The Right Color When The File Is Printed, Even Though The Color May Not Look Right When Displayed On Your Monitor



Frosted Plastic Is plastic which has been rendered opaque through a process which roughens or obscures the clear surface of The class.

skincare packaging design



Chrome Plating / Electric Plating

It is commonly used for plating on lids at present, such as GFA-564, the effect is very bright, very beautiful, the jars is easier to go upmarket. We are trying to do a variety of different colors of Chrome Plating / Electric Plating according to the customer’s customization.

Custom skincare packaging companies


Printing & Labeling Customization


A stencil method of print making in which a design is imposed on a screen of silk or other fine mesh, with blank areas coated with an impermeable substance, and ink is forced through the mesh onto the printing surface. Also known as Silk Screening or Serigraphy.

Our company’s printing departments have proven technique for printing round jar, flat caps and offer multi-pass printing of several color to very tight tolerances, using both conventional and UV printing technology. Silkscreen offers bright, firm color for striking.

Customers can provide the print artwork directly or general reference pictures,we have a special design department can adjust the print artwork for process.

Printing on skincare packaging

 Stamping on skincare packaging

Hot stamping/Gold Stamping

Hot stamping is defined as a dry printing process, which uses controlled heat, pressure, and precision timing to transfer a color pigment from foil to surfaces of varied shapes and materials. This process forms a permanent bond between the part and the foil, and creates a dry print.

The advantages of hot stamping include increased productivity, multiple colors in one step, and a variety of available materials and finishes.

Hot stamping/Gold Stamping: Characterized by clear design, beautiful, bright colors, wear resistance, weather resistance. The normal color is hot gold and hot sliver, other have hot red. The requirement is that the surface must be flat.


Labeling Labeling on skincare packaging

Usually we used are coated paper and synthetic paper,it will be labeling to the bottle by machine or by hand ,depend on the bottle shape or label size. Label artwork offer by customers also, we can adjust for process.

The surface of jars or lids must be flat which want be labeled.




Material of skincare packaging

Plastics also come in many varieties,there have PE、PET、PP 、PS 、PETG、ABS、AS、Acrylic …

The skincare bottles usually made in PE、PET and PETG ,PE also have HDPE and LDPE .

The above skincare bottle are made in LDPE material,LDPE is a kind of very soft material , we can squeeze easily , it suitable for slightly thicker liquids . Use with cap and plug ,it can be a foundation bottle or lotion bottle.

Material of skincare packaging

HDPE and other material is harder, it’s very hard to squeeze. This material is suit for thin liquids, do not need squeezing ,like toner …

The jars usually made in PS 、PP、ABS、AS、PET 、Acrylic and so on.

Material of skincare packaging


The above jar is made in Acrylic ,the material looks crystal clear is very good-looking, use with gold plating cap ,is a vacuum jar, it’s very luxury . It can be used with face cream .


New environmental protection material

 As a support enterprise for environmental action, Sanle have successfully developed production using environmentally friendly or biodegradable materials as PLA, PCR materials, And trying to develop more new environmental protection materials application in production.biodegradable material for skincare packaging



Quality Control

As professional china plastic skincare packaging supplies, With having our own manufacturing facility in China, this gives our company the advantage of having the ability to confirm the quality of our products. In manufacturing, this to us means a measure of excellence or a state of being free from defects and significant differences.

We have a special department of quality inspection, regular or irregular sampling inspection of product quality. Strict quality control procedures are carried out at all stages of production, Sanle gained the trust of customers base on strict quality management system. We have a strict commitment to industry standards that achieve consistency of products in order to satisfy our customer’s requirements.


About Us

Sanle as an excellent local enterprise with government support, has been developing through constant innovation. We can accept any customization of plastic skincare packaging, new skincare packaging designs and sizes. We have a professional design team to serve customers.

As an expertise skincare packaging manufacturer and comprehensive solutions partner, we will always provide with high-quality products, premium services, and custom design solutions, to help you to build your own brand, do the best skincare packaging and stand ahead of the crowd.

Contact us to get your unique packaging created.


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